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Your First Choice in LED Street Lighting and CCTV Cameras

Finding the right lighting and security systems can be expensive. Many companies prioritize either quality or affordability, but fail at both. At Prime One Maintenance, we prioritise both to give you the right solution to your problem at an affordable price.

We offer in-house designed and manufactured products at a price to suit your budget. We can also service and maintain them once installed for added piece of mind. Why not contact us today to find out more?

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Latest News and Product Information Release

INTEL-RLM (Intelligent Road Lighting Management)

In March 2017 Prime One have completed trials on its newly developed intelligent Lighting Management system, we have tied up with our support group Cyan Technology PLC to develop a easy to navigate web portal system for clients to:

  •  Monitor Energy usage through our INTEL Metering system
  • Monitor Faults - Reports back Lamp, Control gear, Service Faults / outages
  • Set output levels of the Luminaires to DIM Lights or Switch on and off overnight
  • Plot group of lights on our GIS Mapping system via our GPS card installed on each ANSI Node
  • Set Times to control the luminaires after dark, fully editable any time to set on / off times of a group or individual units

What does the system consist of

Our development team have produced 2 types of ANSI Nodes to fit all existing Luminaires either by an existing NEMA Socket plug mount

New Product for 2021: Dont be left behind - SZ10 - "Book 18" Zhaga Lamp Control Unit (Node)


Book-18 SZ10-GPS, Plug n Play node with dimmable control to dim all Book 18 LED Luminaires, supports DALI2 D4i compliant dimmable driver, we offer DALI2 - D4i drivers with to upgrade any LED luminaire

This SZ10-GPS unit communicates with out site central controller and reports back its location via the GPS installed card, metering details of the luminaire and reports faults that may develop, will full redundancy should it loose contact with the master Gateway be assured the Luminaire will continue to operate based on past saved settings local saved on the latest RAM, complete with Lithium Battery Back up to ensure nest performance

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